Lisa DeSpain at Machiavelli

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Lisa DeSpain Profile

Lisa DeSpain is a jazz pianist, composer, and vocalist known for her joyous, passionate performances and her ability to enchant an audience.

Growing up in Utah, Lisa was surrounded by the sounds of the Mormon Tabernacle choir – but not a lot of Miles Davis. That didn’t seem to stop her.

Lisa eventually landed in New Orleans to study under jazz master Ellis Marsalis. He taught her to always listen and play from the heart – “sometimes you’ve just gotta play the note you hear” He also said, “go to New York.” So she did.

Lisa has had the opportunity to write for world-class ensembles like the Cassatt String Quartet and the US Air Force Airmen of Note. Her collaboration with the Buglisi Foreman Dance Company resulted in a triptych of jazz works with premieres at the New Victory, Joyce Theatre and Jacob’s Pillow.

For more information, visit Lisa DeSpain’s Website.

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