Fawn Segerson at Machiavelli

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Fawn Segerson Profile

Fawn – derived from the Greek origin, meaning “Youthful Beauty.” Time and time again, referred to as “Marilyn,” her beauty manifests both outside and in.

Looks aside, Fawn Segerson‘s extreme creativity and youthful outlook, coupled with her musical genius have yielded masterpieces that I wholeheartedly believe will one day penetrate the masses. While I have always felt her strength is in her writing, her voice has an enigmatic soul that further sets her apart.

Generally when people hear music, some get hooked on the melody, some on the lyrics, some on the beat, some on the harmonies and instrumentation, some on the tone, and in world plagued by the superficial, some on the look. Gifted with all of the aforementioned, listeners – you be the judge of Fawn’s richest gift.

For more information, visit Fawn Segerson’s Website.

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