Fall in New York


Visiting NYC in Autumn

Fall, an extraordinary time of year, as New York starts to hum with activity after the summer holidays. New collections fill the stores providing exciting shopping opportunities. Nearby museums offer fascinating exhibitions; take in “Drawings and Prints from the Permanent Collection” or “Renaissance Tapestry” at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Spend the day at the Museum of Natural History viewing their permanent collection.

Hungry for more? Wish to continue the experience? After your busy day, we invite you to come to Machiavelli to dine comfortably in our beautiful art inspired atmosphere. Need to unwind? May we suggest one of our specialty cocktails; select one of our wonderful wines at the bar or al fresco sidewalk dining while listening to live music.

Sample the hand rolled pasta of the day, watch the traditional method of making pasta viewed behind the bar in the pasta room. Fresh and delightful! Have a crisp salad. Savor a wonderful entrée! Our chefs have a flair for combining fresh seasonal Mediterranean ingredients delighting your eye and your palate.

Breakfast, brunch, lunch or dinner. The staff at Machiavelli welcomes you!