Special Concert Series

Special Events

Violin and Piano

Trattoria Machiavelli has always been a place for delicious food, refreshing drinks and live music. We are excited to bring you our NEW Special Concert Series featuring local talent playing tribute to your favorite operas and composers. Let world-class live performance be the soundtrack to your perfect meal or night on the town!

Witness the magic of Erik Satie this Wednesday including the groundbreaking PARADE 1917 (for Diaghilev’s Ballets Russes, conceived by Cocteau, costume/set design by Picasso), the music is full of transformations at a whim, circus and carnival barking, mysticism, wry humor, episodic by nature yet wholely satisfying, vaudevillian with a cubist twist where surrealism was coined and modernism came into being (think dada, Duchamp’s Readymades like “Fountain” signed by R.Mutt)

To reserve a table, please call (212) 724-2658 or click here for online reservations.