519 Columbus Avenue • New York, NY • (212) 724-2658

Nathalie de la Fontaine

Nathalie de la Fontaine, Owner
Machiavelli restaurant is the inspiration of veteran restaurateur Nathalie de la Fontaine, owner of the popular La Focaccia restaurant in New York’s Village for nearly 20 years, she dreamed of a restaurant that offered the finest authentic Italian food, hand-made pasta, beautiful décor, art, and live music. Machiavelli is her dream realized.

Having lived extensively in Italy, Nathalie envisioned a restaurant that captured the magical beauty of Renaissance Italy as well as the exquisite food. She commissioned talented artisans, woodworkers, ceramists, a sculptor and a blacksmith to create the art and décor that fill Machiavelli.

There are live classical or jazz performances daily. Talented musicians, many who attend the nearby renowned Mannes College of Music, help create the perfect dining atmosphere.