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Making pasta the traditional Italian way

Gian Pietro Ferro makes authentic, homemade pasta according to traditional Italian methods. The dough is made on a wooden board with a “fontanella,” a hole in the center of the piled flour, where he adds eggs.

The traditional rolling of the dough is becoming a lost art, even in Italy, as it is faster and more cost effective to feed the dough through machines. Sfoglino Andrea learned to roll pasta from his mother. To perfect his technique, he then studied under one of the Italian master teachers. Once the dough (impasto) is ready, he divides it into pieces and shapes it energetically with a long, traditional rolling pin (mattarello). With a symphony of gestures and a devotion to make the best-ever dough and pasta, Andrea makes everybody “felice e sazio!” happy and satisfied!

Come visit Gian to watch the magical technique of creating fresh, traditional, hand-rolled, hand-cut pasta. You will usually find him in the pasta room, just behind the bar. It will give you a new appreciation for the fresh pasta Machiavelli is known for.