5th Anniversary on Nov 16th

Special Events

Restaurant Inside

We truly hope you’ll join us in celebrating 5 wonderful years at Trattoria Machiavelli on Wednesday, November 16th. The evening will feature specialties of the Piemontese region. Guests will have a chance to taste a variety of Piemontese wines by the glass as well, including Barolo and Barbaresco from producers such as Renato Ratti, Paolo Scavino, Michele Chiarlo. At the piano, concert pianist, Thomas Osuga followed by The Secret Opera!

Assaggi Piemontesi

Special anniversary menu will be served alongside regular offerings.


Bagna cauda
mixed vegetable: artichoke, bell peppers, celery, endive, radicchio

Vitello tonnato
sliced oven roasted cold vitello in tuna sauce

Carne cruda all’ Albese
knife cut raw beef, fresh truffle, lemon, olive oil

Lumache trifolate con polenta
sauteed snails, parsley, garlic, white wine served with fresh polenta

Rana fritte
fried frog legs with garlic aioli and salsa verde


Tajarin al tartufo
with butter and fresh black truffles

Gnocchi alla Bava
buckwheat dumplings with a Toma Piemontese cheese sauce

Raviolini del “Plin”
veal stuffed ravioli in brown butter & sage

Risotto ai funghi porcini
with fresh porcini mushroom


Trota di fiume alla Piemontese
filet of fresh water trout with butter & sage

Brasato al Barolo
sliced beef braised in Barolo wine sauce served over soft polenta

Bollito Misto
beef shoulder, breast of veal, and calf’s tongue, hen and cotechino sausage

Galletto alla Cacciatore
sautéed cornish hen with: peppers, onion, mushroom, tomatoes white wine


Cavolfiore alla Cavour
cauliflower with hard boiled egg, anchovy, grana padana and parsley

Asparagi al burro
Asparagus with egg white, parmigiano and butter


Zabaione ai frutti di bosco
mixed fresh berries with zabaglione al moscato