Carnevale di Venezia at Machiavelli Feb 17-25

Special Events

Venice Carnival in NYC

Feb 17 – 25, 2017

Each year, thousands of tourists from all over the world visit Italy to participate in the magnificence and wonder of Venice Carnival. This truly exceptional event turns the Venetian streets into a magical scene, celebrating fashion, lifestyle and culture for over 300 years. Join us at Trattoria Machiavelli for a tribute to Venice Carnival Friday, February 17th thru Saturday, Feb 25th with costumes, Venetian specialties and music. So let’s embrace the spectacle of this fantastic event right here in New York City, together!

Machiavelli Venetian Menu Specials

Buon Appetito


Baccala’ Mantecato 14.95
traditional dry salted codfish mousse served on polenta crostini

Insalata di granchio alla “Veneziana” 18.95
fresh crabmeat salad, with scallions, radicchio and citronette

Radicchio di Treviso alla griglia con Tomino 16.95
fresh grilled sweet radicchio & Tomino dolomitico cheese


Pasta e fagioli 10.95
borlotti bean soup w/ fresh fetuccine pasta

Cassunziei Ampezzani 26.95
traditional from Dolomiti, stuffed with red beet & ricotta served in butter & poppy seed

Riso e bisi con fragole 25.95
risotto with fresh green peas, onions & strawberries


Branzino royale con radicchio e “Teroldego” 29.95
sautéed filet of royal bass with radicchio in Teroldego wine sauce

Sarde in saor 26.95
Fried sardines served over sweet & sour “Vidalia Onions”

Fegato alla veneziana con polenta 21.95
sautéed calf liver w/ sweet onions white wine sauce over creamy polenta


Fritelle Veneziane 11.95
traditional Venetian carnival fritters

Carnevale Music & Event Schedule

Celebrate with us!

Opening Venice Carnival Celebration
Friday Feb 17th Grand Gala-Full Costumes
Dinner: Baroque Pearls and Gems
with Thomas Osuga, Piano and Sho Omagari, Violin
Late Night with Casanova: Joseph Charles, Jazz Piano

Saturday Feb 18th
Pantalone’s Jazzy Brunch
with Steve Sandberg, Piano Roger Blanc, Guitar
Dinner: La Notte di Romeo e Giulietta, Grand Ball- Sold Out

Sunday Feb 19th
Arlecchino’s Jazzy Brunch
with Joseph Charles, piano
Dinner: Sounds of Venice: Angela Laba, piano

Monday Feb 20st President’s day
Dinner: La notte del Doge, Prosecco per tutti!
A complementary taste of DOC Veneto prosecco with dessert and the Jazz sounds of Gabriel Jodorkovsky, Piano

Tuesday Feb 21st 8pm-9pm
Dinner: New Camerata Opera Celebrates Carnival!
With the world’s beloved operatic pieces…
Erik Bagger, tenor, Victor Khodadad, tenor
Stan Lacy, baritone, Alexandra Lang, soprano
Scott Lindroth, baritone, Eva Parr, mezzo soprano
Julia Tang, mezzo soprano
Luyang Liu, piano

Wednesday Feb 22nd
Dinner: A Candlelight evening, a “Tre Venezie” Wine Tasting and musical enchantment
with Fawn Ferguson, Singer/Songwriter/Pianist

Thursday Feb 23rd
Grand Gala- Full Costumes
Dinner: Celebrate Vivaldi Classical Concert
with Aurista Chamber Music
with Thomas Osuga, Piano, Matthew Kolodzieski, Cello and Sho Omagari, Violin

Friday Feb 24th
Grand Gala- Full Costume
Dinner: Baroque Pearls and Gems
with Thomas Osuga, Piano and Sho Omagari, Violin
Late Night with Casanova: Joseph Charles, Jazz Pianist

Saturday Feb 25th
A Jazzy Closure to our “Venice Carnevale” Celebration
Pantalone’s Jazzy Brunch
with Steve Sandberg, piano and Roger Blanc, guitar
Closing “Venice” Carnival Celebration
Grand Gala- Full Costume
Dinner: A Night of Jazz and Masquerade
with Bob Trien,Piano and Keith Mulhare, Bass
Late Night with Casanova: Tommy Mandel, piano

Trattoria Machiavelli
519 Columbus Ave
New York, NY 10024
(212) 724-2658